• We're declaring "Oceans Day" every day!

We're declaring "Oceans Day" every day!

The Blue S.O.S.

We’re building a new marketplace to showcase our seas, and delivering pieces and products that will add sparkle to your summer, and put a unique stamp on your personal style.  We're excited to offer cutting edge with a conscience- featuring futurists in fashion, beauty, and design.

Diana Vreeland once said “style- all who have it share one thing: originality.”  We’ve explored the international sustainable fashion, beauty and design scene and returned with a treasure trove of uber-originals: from Paris, London, New York, Seattle, Barcelona, Beirut, Brooklyn, Copenhagen, Miami, Mexico City, Accra, Casablanca, Kigali, and even Taroudant.

As arbiters of oceans avant-garde, we’re turning seas citizenry into a lifestyle.  And declaring UN World Oceans Day not just June 8, but everyday.    So indulge your inner wanderlust here, and immerse yourself in the ingenuity and innovation that’s uniting countries and consumers behind our seas. 

Join us to elevate your voice, and celebrate your vote.


Welcome to our Store!

Soleil Toujours

Soleil Toujours works to “erase the divide between luxury skincare and serious suncare”- through their mineral-based sun formulations packed with powerful antioxidants, micronutrients, and their "EcoSun Complex." 

The first sunscreen declared "coral-friendly" by watchdog group Wise Oceans, Soleil Toujours further magnifies its sustainability. oceans. story.  though its use of; biodegradable packaging, FSC-certified paper, and sugarcane-based replacements for plastics.

Soleil Toujours is ushering in the future, at the intersection of sustainable skincare and sun protection.  Shine On.

About Us

The world’s oceans are the village green of our planet.  They unite nations, create commonality, and collectively connect us.

Their well-being hangs in the balance, and every decision we make as consumers is a vote for-or-against their future.

At The Blue S.O.S., we’re “translating” UN Sustainable Development Goal 14- to preserve and protect our oceans- into a re-imagined worldview.  

Our e-commerce platform will connect countries, consumers, and companies behind saving our seas- and showcase unique innovation and ingenuity in fashion, beauty, and design.  

The world is our runway and we can’t wait to drop it at your door.   Because as Diana Vreeland also said, “the eye has to travel."